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In 2004 after going through a rough patch in life (you know it one of those wakeup calls where you decide “this is it”) I decided to go on a trekking trip with complete strangers I met two days ago. When I informed my mother about my intentions, well, you know she just looked at me with killer eyes and said “NO”, just like that. Well, I decided to go anyway so I ran away from home!!!!! YES!!! Ladies and gentleman welcome to the wacky phase of my life.

I met Auntu, Rubayat and Raka just two days before we started for the longest beach challenge in the world. At first when they met me, they were like “ummm…dude we cant take you” and I was like “y not” and they were like “cause we think you are not up for it” and I was like “OK!! So what do I have to do to prove myself??” and that is when they told me “you have to walk all the way from Botanical Garden to Ashulia, matching your steps with Rubayat (who is 6ft 2in by the way). So, the next we strapped ourselves with backpack and all other trekking gear and went for our practice during crack of dawn.

I was dead-minded to prove myself, just think of the humiliation I would face if I failed, uggggghhhhhhh, but I did succeed and earned new respect. After that we went to the bus station and bought tickets for Cox’s Bazar. Later when I came back home I asked my mom, whether I can go or not, yet again she denied.

Next day the four of us went to New Market in search of new backpacks for our adventure, the shopkeeper observing our excitement ripped us blind but we were delighted with our buy.

We started for Cox’s Bazar the next night, I called my mom from the bus station and told her I was going and she started to freak-out but I was quick to hang up before she could change my mind about going….

To be continued….  



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Travel Fiesta


Although the notion of adventure travel is a well known verity all over the world, from the Bangladesh perspective it is still an upcoming craze. Several organizations around our country is opening this new “FUNDA” (idea/thing) to their activity’s list. This has spread the travel fever among the youth of our country.

Several new Youth Adventure Clubs and Organizations have mushroomed all around us.






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