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Fellow Backpackers,

On this week’s travel guide I am going to tell you about a place situated near Narayanganj  called Roopganj. Roopganj is still undergoing urbanization. You can get into a bus from about anywhere and get dropped off at a place called Bholta bus stand, in front of Gousia Market. Once in front of the market you can hire a rickshaw on hourly basis that will cost you approximately 40 taka per hour. Ask anyone about the Jamdani Tati settlement and they will show you the direction.

The head tati showing visitors how to make a Jamdani sariTatis at workTatis at work

After you have watched the legendary Jamdani makers at work you can take a rickshaw ride to Russel park. It is a beautiful natural site with a manmade pond where you can go boating, a small zoo inside and monuments of different animals, along with swings and see-saw for children to enjoy. The environment is very calm as it is far away from the city crowd.

cycle outside russel parkRussel Park - Narayanganj

After a refreshing break, take a ride to the Mura Para College that use to be a Zamidar House(an old palace). It is one of the extinct Architectural site of our country, so if you are interested in archaelogy and old archiutecture you will surely enjoy your visit.

Limana.Mura Para College

If you are not satisfied with the serene beauty of Russel Park, you can take a bus ride and then a taxi ride to Oikkodan Natural park. That is all form me on this week’s travel guide but if you are into climbing trees then don’t forget to take a swing on the ancient banyan tree outside Mura Para College, unitl next time its me Limana signing out…Hasta la vista!

Ancient Banyan Tree


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Ok, so we reached Baharchora and crossed the mud filled ditch. It was the first stop on our way to Cox’s Bazar after a long day’s trek and stayed the night at the chairman’s place. They were very hospitable to us and treated us well. Let me describe Baharchora for a little bit. It was a very conservative area and women were not suppose to dress and talk like the way I and Raka did. So, half the village was gathered outside the chairman’s place to meet and greet us.
Later that night the chairman informed us that he had already sent a letter to the chairman of Monkhali about our upcoming visit and he will make further arrangements for our stay at the village. So, the next morning we woke up and it was raining yet again and we started to walk towards Monkhali, by now we were all dark brown in complexion and severely dehydrated, but that did not stop or tire us down. We reached Monkhali after 17km and approxmately 8 hours of trek. The chairman of Monkhali was unable to lodge us for the night so he opened up the beautiful Forest Rest-house for us to stay. It was a wonderful round building surrounded by windows and same as Baharchora there was no electricity there. We had a great time at the village of Monkhali.
Our next stop was Emordel where we stayed with the local head of the village called member. We discovered that the people of the area was very nice to any visitors and we were treated with great respect. Specially the women of the village were very interested with eveyrthing we told them. Then again the next morning we started towards Inani. We did not stay the night there but we did discover a Jhoubon(small forest) and explored the area. That night we stayed at the Jaliayapalong Union Complex at Shonarpara. Usually only the government employee and members were allowed to stay at the complex but eveyone made an exception for us because by the time we reached there we were quite renowned in the area. We were treated with great respect and everyone was freindly to us. They talked to us about their way of life and everyday activities, village politics etc.
At last the day after we reached our destination Cox’s Bazar. It was my first time there and I was awestruck and fell in love with the sea immediately. It was the greatest adventure and experience of my life and to this day I talk about it to everyone with undying enthusiasm. I suggest you all to try out the longest beach challenge, it will definitely broaden your horizon and also put a great impact on your personality and I must say I loved retelling my tale of travel for the 1000th time and I also know for a fact that I will never get tired of it.

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Hello friends,

Today I thought I would let you all in on a secret. Whenever I go on an adventure trip, I dare to take some minor risks because I always go well prepared. Let me be a little more specific, it is mandatory that you carry a first-aid kit with you at all time, whether you are on an all-day outing, family picnic, a hiking, backpacking or camping tour. This is another must have item that you should carry with you.

I took some time out to pick a few products that is sure to help you out, please feel free to click here to read reviews about more first-aid kit products.

Here is a kit that you should carry with you if you plan on visiting areas that are situated in earthquake zones.




The Stansport™ Earthquake/Survival Family Kit is specifically designed to support up to 4 people during catastrophic events, including earthquakes, floods, hurricanse, and other life-threatening disasters. It includes a 3-day supply of food, water, and medical supplies in a sturdy carrying case.
If you plan to go on an expedition or an impulsive adventure trip, this adventure comprehensive medical kit will make you feel safe and prepared for accidents.


Designed for a group of one to 14 people and for backcountry trips from one to 28 days, the Adventure Comprehensive Medical Kit is a must to ensure a safe trip. Organized logically into specific compartments, the contents are easy to see and easy to access. These kits have a CPR Lifesaver Pack with CPR Microshield. They also treat and prevent fractures/dislocations/sprains with Sam Splint and elastic bandage; hypoglycemia/insulin Shock with one glutose paste; dehydration with oral rehydration salts; dental problems with Dentemp Temporary Filling Mixture and snake bites and bee stings with a Sawyer Extractor. They also treat wounds with a 20cc. irrigation syringe and surgical scrub brush; blisters with two Spenco 2nd Skin and one Molefoam; burns with one Aloe Vera Gel; trauma with trauma dressings and triangular bandage; allergic symptoms with antihistamines and virus transmission with infectious control pack. The Comprehensive kit also includes a variety of medical equipment, along with two important guidebooks: “Comprehensive Guide to Wilderness & Travel Medicine, and “Illustrated Guide to Life-Threatening Emergencies.

For an all-day outing you can carry a light-weight medical emergency kit like the Adventure Medical UltraLight & Watertight .7 Medical Kit.



The Adventure Medical Ultra Light & Watertight .7 medical kit brings you essential emergency medical items packaged in a compact and lightweight bag of 1.3-oz, silicone-coated ripstop nylon.

That is all from me for now, please keep an eye for more interesting product reviews for your adventure.

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Hello backpackers!

The first thing you need to focus on is your footwear. Most of the time it is evident that you will be crossing muddy terrain and streams, especially if you are in the Chittagong hill tracks or you just decided to explore the forests of Bangladesh. Here is a small list of footwear that is sure to make your trip easy and fun. The one thing to keep in mind is no matter what you choose it should be waterproof and lightweight and in addition you legs and feet will feel better at the end of a hectic trail. I have listed down my personal favorites and copied down the descriptions from different websites, please copy and paste the links I will be providing with each product for more information.

Timberland  (Waterproof Cadion Mid Hiker w/ Gore-Tex XCR® Membrane) Men’s



Lightweight Schoeller® textile fabric for comfort, durability and abrasion resistance (a material that is reinforced with aramide fibers to make it super strong)

    Gore-Tex XCR® membrane provides breathable waterproof protection for extended periods of time

Removable, dual-density, three-zoned EVA footbed, covered with Dri-Lex® lining material and perforated to keep your feet dry and odor freeExternal molded heel counter supports the heel and provides rear foot stability during active outdoor pursuits 

Salomon (Ladies 3D Fastpacker Mid GTX Trekking Boots)


OrthoLite® footbeds provide extra cushioning and moisture management; treated with an anti-microbial agent to help control odours.

Full Bootie Construction is exclusive to Salomon and is the only way to kepp your boots waterproof to the top.3D Advanced Chassis™ midsole supports help control twisting Gore-Tex keeps your feet dry from the outside as well as from the inside.

Merrell (Chameleon Wrap Stretch Gore-Tex® XCR®) Men’s


GORE-TEX® Gasket Construction, GORE-TEX® XCR® Fabric Lining.

Waterproof Nubuck Leather/Breathable Mesh Upper

Protective Molded Rubber Toe Bumper

Nylon 6.6 Injection Molded Arch Shank

Adjustable Elastic Cord Lacing System, Friction Cordlock


Nike (Air Max Assail 5 Men’s Trail Running Shoe)


juta4 Features:

FIT: Dual system of webbing straps and synthetic overlays plus an external heel counter for added support and stability

CUSHIONING: Full-length Phylon midsole for lightweight flexibility. Visible maximum Air-Sole unit for superior cushioning.

TRACTION: BRS 1000 heel crash zone. Sticky rubber in a Wafle Fill configuration for great multi-surface traction.


La Sportiva

(Trango Trek Micro EVO Gore – Tex) Women’s


la-sportiva-trango-trek-womDescription:New updated 2008 version with new Vibram® sole. Added to the technical contents of the 2007 version, the advantages which come from the Impact Brake System is the reduction of impact on terrain and maximum grip on any type of surface both in traction and in braking. It adopts the ankle 3D Flex System multidirectional joint which ensures ankle support and mobility in all directions. Thanks to its characteristics and to the new sole, this model is ideal for walking off trails on rough terrain, difficult trekking and walking with heavy loads.

(Sandstone GTX/XCR) Men’s

New multi-purpose low cut shoe with modern design. Suede leather upper with antiabrasion inserts. Collar and tongue in breathable mesh. Structured shock absorbing EVA midsole, with increased stabilising base in the rear. Vibram® Impact Brake System rocker sole, featuring remarkable grip in any condition with excellent shock absorbancy.





(Exum Ridge) Men/Women


Multi-purpose and performing, Exum Ridge is ideal for technical use from approaching crags to dirt roads and trail running. The FriXion® sole and the special shape of the suction lugs guarantee great adherence and precision. The extremely breathable upper and the snug fit make it extremely comfortable.



620896brn1r Description:

For multi-day hiking trips, or quick overnight excursions into the backcountry, the Vindicator GTX is a trusted choice for outdoor enthusiasts. Designed with a Gore-Tex® membrane, this waterproof, breathable hiking shoe is built to withstand relentless use and offers optimal support, stability, and traction over varied terrain.





There you go, now you know what kind of shoes you need if you want to go out for an adventure. Watch out for what kind of backpacks to carry when you are out, until then…


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An Impulsive Holiday

A Glimpse of Kaptai

So it’s the third day of Eid-ul-Azha, the prime Muslim Festival and I was bored to my bones. My friend called me up and we decided to go for a movie. After watching the movie I decided I had to do something spontaneous to make my holiday exciting. In a jiffy I called Raka (you know my trekking mate) and asked her whether she can tag along with me to, she agreed right away and after just 45 minutes we were all ready with our backpacks and on our way to Chittagong hill tracks.

Our bus started half-hour late so we reached our destination late at night. The next day Raka, I and her cousin (who is a dentist) started for Rangamati, again a spontaneous decision on our part. We took the local bus in Rangamati and Chittagong route, it was quite an experience. The tickets were Tk-80 per head, so you can understand the condition of the bus, it was more of a “Murir Tin” than a bus, but boy did we enjoy our ride!

At Rangamati, we straight away went to the Parjatan tourist site, where there is a great hanging bridge. It’s more of a replica of the bridge at Bandarban Parjatan site.


 We went for a small cruise on a row boat that was driven by a ten year old girl. There are lots of shops where you can buy traditional handlooms of Rangamati and also traditional jewellery. We didn’t have much time so had to return to the bus station. The funny part was the bus that we took was called “Birotihin”, that means it a direct bus, but it kept on stopping every 5 minutes and soon the bus was overloaded with people and their luggage one of which contained a large barrel of raw fish!!!

Well, what can I say? It was one of the many little adventures that I like to do when I am bored!! For now…Hasta la vista!!!


P.S: keep and eye on my blog for details on Rangamati.

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