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Photograph by Limana Solaiman

Photograph by Limana Solaiman

The Lawachara National Park is located in Srimongol, Sylhet of Bangladesh. It is one of the natural forest left in Bangladesh. Whenever we think of taking a vacation we usually go to the seaside or mountain side, but visitng a forest area can be a new and refreshing experience. Now a days the forest area is under the Nishorgo Programme financed by the USAID and is declared as ‘Protected Area’, they provide tour of the forest. 

Photograph by Young Explorers' Society

Photograph by Young Explorers

I, along with 13 of my club members of Young Explorers’ Society was lucky enough to make this tour. I got to visit the forest once more on my University (Independent University,Bangladesh) field trip of the Environmental Communication course, where I had to prepare a report on the Khasi people of that region and I also visited the Khasi Punji located inside the Lawachara forest.

The Khasi are a matrilineal society and their lifeblood is the betel leaf cultivation. They are environment friendly individuals who take care of the forest and its plants, because Betel Leaf needs the support of other plant to grow since it falls under the category of climbers or creepers.


Photograph by Young Explorers' Society

There are three hiking trails inside the Lawachara forest, one of 1/2 hour, 1 hour and 3 hours respectively. If you are lucky you will get to see the Hullok Gibon, a rare species of ape found inside the forest, different species of monkey, birds and deers such as the barking deer. The forest is rich with different types of plants, trees and various species of orchids. It is said that a scene of the movie “Aroung the World in Eighty Days was shot inside the rail track that passes through the forest. Since pictures says more than words I am including several of them for your convinience and siging out for now, Hasta la vista! 



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In this week’s travel guide I would like to suggest our fellow backpackers to visit Birishiri, Shushong Durgapur. It is a beautiful landscape with the flow of the Shomeshwari River (but the last time I went there I crossed the river by a rickshaw, but I guess you guys will find a fine flow now since it has been raining for quite some time now), the ceramic mountains, the Christian missionary, the small hills near the India Bangladesh borders etc.


How to get there?

The best possible way to travel locally is to go to Mymensingh bus stand or commonly known as Mohakhali bus stand and catch a direct bus to Birishiri. Ticket is not more than Taka 350.


Where to stay?

If you are a big group you can risk camping near the ceramic mountains. You can also stay at the YMCA institute at a very low cost; you can also camp inside their compound if you can manage the permission.

The best ways to explore is by foot, or rent a rickshaw and ask him to take you to all the tourist spots. Believe me, they know it all.

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