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Hello backpackers!!! On this weeks travel guide I would like to suggest for you all to take a swing at Bandarban, a picturesque hill-track on the Chittagong region of Bangladesh.Among many of its natural wonder, Bandarban is the proud owner of the highest peak in Bangladesh known as Keokradong, although, a debate exist that Tanjindong is higher than Keokradong.

Where to stay?

A cottage at the Milon-Chori Resort

A cottage at the Milon-Chori Resort

According to my experience the best place to stay in Bandarban is Milonchori, the Guide Tour’s resort, situated on a small mountain. This settlement is unique as it offers a wide range of accommodation for travelers, starting from 200tk (a bed at the dormitory) to approximately 3000tk for a luxury cottage.
The cottages are designed like the housing of the indigenous people of the hill-tracks, like the Baum is a unique house that can hold 4 people. It is a replica of a Baum tribe’s housing. Along with that, there are cottages of Marma, and some named after birds of Bangladesh such as the Munia, Moina etc.Staying at the Milonchori resort will give you a feeling that you are in the hill-track locality.
Contact: 01199275691.

Places to visit:
The renowned Golden Temple of the Buddhist’s.

Meghla, the Parjatan tourist spot, there is a hiking trail and also a small zoo.
Watch the sunrise or sunset from Tiger Hill.
Visit Chimbuk Mount.
Go on a trek to the highest peak of Bangladesh Keokradong.
Visit the Thanchi Locality.
Shoilopropath, a small waterfall not much far from Milonchori, a half-hour trot will get you there.
Ali Kadam Cave.
Rijhuk Waterfall in Ruma.
Cruise on a local boat of the famous Shangu River.
Meditation Centre in Lama ( Quantum Method).
Prantik Lake.


Prantik Lake

The minature zoo at the Parjatan's tourist spot called Meghla

The minature zoo at the Parjatan

Golden Temple

Golden Temple



If you are staying at the Guide Tours’ resort, you can request Khokon Uncle (one of the owners) to provide you with a guide, it will cost you approximately 500tk everyday. You can also ask them to rent a local Jeep called Chander Gari that will cost you 2000tk to 2500tk per day. For more information please call Explore and Tourism :+8801717055868. This company will design a tour for you according to your wish, along with that they offer different package tours of Bandarban.

That is all from this weeks travel guide, until next week Hasta la vista!!!


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