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Photo by Young Explorers' Society

Beloved Backpackers,

If you want to experience heaven on earth, then please get yourself a ticket to Teknaf(bus ticket ofcourse). It will cost you approxmately 550 TK on a non-ac bus to get to Teknaf. I was lucky enough to make the trip on 2006 with my fellow club members of Young Explorers’ Society.



Once you get there go straight to the harbour where you can board the Qutubdia or Keari Sindbad (Ships) that will take you to Saint Martins and back only for Tk600. If you have an adventurous spirit then you can hire a fishing boat or trawler that will take 3 hours time to get to your destination, but believe me it is worth it. If you are lucky you can see a particular species of dolphin in that region.


Photo by Young Explorers' Society


Photo by Young Explorers' Society










The first view of Saint Martin’s Island will take your breath away, the sheer beauty of the water will awestruck any visitor on an island for the first time. The next step would be to have a refreshing drink of coconut water and then look for a place to stay. Now I am not a biased person but I just loved staying at SHIMANA PERIYE a resort right on the beach or Abakash, a room in these resorts will cost you approxmately 1000-2500 Tk.

Photo by Young Explorers' Society

Photo by Young ExplorersPhoto by Young ExplorersPhoto by Young Explorers

Photo by Young Explorers' Society

Photo by Young Explorers

Things to do:

1) Scuba Diving to experience the beauty underwater (Tk 4500-5000).

2) Take a walk to Chera Deep during low tide or take a boat during high tide.

3) Take a tour of the Island by yourself in the moonlight.

4) Wake up early to watch the sun rise.

5) Make a campfire and stay up all night and you can invent some more of your own…

That is all from this travel guide…until next it’s me Limana signing out, Hasta la vista!!!


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