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Ok, so we reached Baharchora and crossed the mud filled ditch. It was the first stop on our way to Cox’s Bazar after a long day’s trek and stayed the night at the chairman’s place. They were very hospitable to us and treated us well. Let me describe Baharchora for a little bit. It was a very conservative area and women were not suppose to dress and talk like the way I and Raka did. So, half the village was gathered outside the chairman’s place to meet and greet us.
Later that night the chairman informed us that he had already sent a letter to the chairman of Monkhali about our upcoming visit and he will make further arrangements for our stay at the village. So, the next morning we woke up and it was raining yet again and we started to walk towards Monkhali, by now we were all dark brown in complexion and severely dehydrated, but that did not stop or tire us down. We reached Monkhali after 17km and approxmately 8 hours of trek. The chairman of Monkhali was unable to lodge us for the night so he opened up the beautiful Forest Rest-house for us to stay. It was a wonderful round building surrounded by windows and same as Baharchora there was no electricity there. We had a great time at the village of Monkhali.
Our next stop was Emordel where we stayed with the local head of the village called member. We discovered that the people of the area was very nice to any visitors and we were treated with great respect. Specially the women of the village were very interested with eveyrthing we told them. Then again the next morning we started towards Inani. We did not stay the night there but we did discover a Jhoubon(small forest) and explored the area. That night we stayed at the Jaliayapalong Union Complex at Shonarpara. Usually only the government employee and members were allowed to stay at the complex but eveyone made an exception for us because by the time we reached there we were quite renowned in the area. We were treated with great respect and everyone was freindly to us. They talked to us about their way of life and everyday activities, village politics etc.
At last the day after we reached our destination Cox’s Bazar. It was my first time there and I was awestruck and fell in love with the sea immediately. It was the greatest adventure and experience of my life and to this day I talk about it to everyone with undying enthusiasm. I suggest you all to try out the longest beach challenge, it will definitely broaden your horizon and also put a great impact on your personality and I must say I loved retelling my tale of travel for the 1000th time and I also know for a fact that I will never get tired of it.


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