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Fellow Backpackers,

On this week’s travel guide I am going to tell you about a place situated near Narayanganj  called Roopganj. Roopganj is still undergoing urbanization. You can get into a bus from about anywhere and get dropped off at a place called Bholta bus stand, in front of Gousia Market. Once in front of the market you can hire a rickshaw on hourly basis that will cost you approximately 40 taka per hour. Ask anyone about the Jamdani Tati settlement and they will show you the direction.

The head tati showing visitors how to make a Jamdani sariTatis at workTatis at work

After you have watched the legendary Jamdani makers at work you can take a rickshaw ride to Russel park. It is a beautiful natural site with a manmade pond where you can go boating, a small zoo inside and monuments of different animals, along with swings and see-saw for children to enjoy. The environment is very calm as it is far away from the city crowd.

cycle outside russel parkRussel Park - Narayanganj

After a refreshing break, take a ride to the Mura Para College that use to be a Zamidar House(an old palace). It is one of the extinct Architectural site of our country, so if you are interested in archaelogy and old archiutecture you will surely enjoy your visit.

Limana.Mura Para College

If you are not satisfied with the serene beauty of Russel Park, you can take a bus ride and then a taxi ride to Oikkodan Natural park. That is all form me on this week’s travel guide but if you are into climbing trees then don’t forget to take a swing on the ancient banyan tree outside Mura Para College, unitl next time its me Limana signing out…Hasta la vista!

Ancient Banyan Tree


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