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Now where did I stop my story previously…..hmmm……oh! I remember, so I hung up on my mom and started the bus journey towards Cox’s Bazar as there was no direct bus to Teknaf back at that time. Our plan was to reach Cox’s Bazar and take a local bus to Teknaf.
Boy o boy, what a journey it was. This was the first time I was going away from home all by myself with people of my age ( I was Going lalalallalalalaaaaaaaa in my head and heart). The next morning we reached our destination and stayed at Teknaf for the night. Early in the morning, at the crack of dawn (I added the last part for a dramatic effect) we started our trek towards Baharchora, our very first destination.



Bundled up with all our worldly possessions at that trip we walked for almost 4 hours non-stop on the soft sand. At first nothing bothered us; it was the most beautiful summer day of my life. Let me try to describe the scenario to you all, we were walking along the sea beach with the sea on one side and a small but continuous patch of Shal forest on the other with mountains lying beyond that. To me, it is one of the most beautiful places in the world. But, after walking for long hours…hehehhe…lets just say the place started to look a little less charming. My feet were not killing me; it was more like picking me with a blunt needle real hard. We decided to rest becasue Raka and I both threatened Auntu that we would make him carry our packs otherwise. Well the reason that Auntu was so reluctant to stop was because, the area was very risky.
Finally at mid-day we reached the army camp marked on our map where they informed us that we have covered almost 20km and Baharchora was approximately further 8 km away. The three of us rounded up on Auntu like a pack of wild Hyaenas, but upon seeing that he was genuinely sorry, we decided to forgive him. We huffed and puffed under the summer sun and finally reached Baharchora our very first rest stop, it was early in the evening.
My dear friends! That was not the end of our struggle, upon arriving we saw that in order to get into the village we have to cross a mud-filled ditch or walk a further 2km, everyone except I voted for the first option and I had to give in…


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